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Automated Credit Services kept sending me faxes about their wonderful ripoff debt collection service. I'm not even running a business, so there aren't any accounts receivable for them to collect, but that didn't stop them.

I contacted their toll-free carrier in an effort to get more details about the company, but they said they would release it only upon request from a law enforcement agency. So on 1/15/2001, I wrote to the California Attorney General's office seeking their assistance:

I have received multiple unsolicited faxes from this company. There is no place on the fax listed specifically to call to request being removed from their list.

The only contact numbers on the fax they send are 877-827-5654 as a voice number, and 877-827-5658 as a fax number.

Automated Credit Services Inc describes itself as a debt collection specialist. They offer cash in return for bad debt accounts.

I don't know how they have gotten my home phone number, although we have gotten unsolicited faxes from other companies that were directed to a medical clinic. This is my personal home phone number.

In any case, I called back their phone number and left a message indicating that I was interested in their service. I got a phone call the next day, and very calmly told the caller that I had previously requested to be put on their do not call list.

His response was "You can go fuck yourself."

I don't have any objection to his use of language, although it seems rather inappropriate under the circumstances. Nevertheless, it appears they are unwilling to comply with reasonable do not call requests.

I have tried to get other information about this company, but have had no success other than that the resporg (telephone carrier) for the phone number is Qwest (formerly LCI). I have contacted Qwest and they said that a request for the name of the company that owns this number would require your office sending a request to them at:

Attn: Legal Department
Qwest Communications
555 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Thank you for your help in pursuing this matter.

Well, I got a response from the California AG's office, but they missed the point. More on that another time.

Here's some information from the BBB about ACS:

Evidently they had gone out of business just days before, having been enjoined by the California Superior Court from continuing to operate. Sometimes things actually turn out right!

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