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This is an HTML representation of the front page of the letter included with the solicitation from the BankCardCreditCenter web search for BankCardCreditCenter. For additional consumer information, go to the Cagey Consumer home page.


BankCard Credit Center, Somerset, NJ 08875

Cash Advance Availability: 24 Hours/7 Days Credit Line Up to: $10,000.00
Credit Report Status: NONE REQUIRED Card Account Type: Fully Secured

First Last & Co-Applicant:
$2000,000 Accident Insurance
Emergency Roadside Assistance
Product Warranty Registration
Extended Product Warranty Protection
Automatic Auto Rental Insurance

Approval Number: BAK GAPH    Reservation Number: 105-6512-5910

First Last:

You are GUARANTEED for APPROVAL and ACCEPTED for status as a Visa GOLD and GOLD MasterCard credit card holder. You will receive a total credit limit of up to $10,000.00 when you open both Visa GOLD and GOLD MasterCard accounts. Your benefits include cash availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week $200,000.00 in accident insurance, emergency roadside assistance, product warranty registration, extended protection and more.

No credit report will be filed or requested for your Visa GOLD and GOLD MasterCard. You will enjoy full purchase privileges and the status that only comes with using a Gold credit card. Mailing your personal Gold Card Acceptance Form below will advance your approval process immediately and your credit limit will be equal to and secured by your FDIC insured Bank savings account. Your credit limit will be up to $5,000.00 per card for a total of $10,000.00!

All you need to do, First Last is complete and return the Gold Card Acceptance Form below and include your one-time $29 processing fee no later than November 12, 2001 (please enclosed $37.50 if you want both cards and save over $20.00). Your account approval has a DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. You will receive your confirmation and account materials promptly. Reply now before this limited-time GOLD CARD offer expires.


/s/R. Hunt

GOLD Card Accounts Credit Officer

P.S. For faster delivery of your Visa GOLD and GOLD MasterCard, specify RUSH service on your Gold Card Acceptance Form. You must reply before November 12, 2001.


BankCard Credit Center, 695 Hamilton St., P.O. Box 420, Somerset, NJ 08875-0420

FILING DEADLINE: November 12, 2001
Approval Number: BAK GAPH   Reservation Number: 105-6512-5910

  1. Check and correct your name/address below:
    Name on Gold Card: First Last
    Mailing Address: Street Address
    City, State ZIP
  2. Send Visa GOLD and GOLD MasterCard as indicated.
    BOTH GOLD CARDS $37.50 (SAVE OVER $20.00)
    Visa GOLD Only $29
    GOLD MasterCard Only $29
    Co-Applicant (Joint Account) add $10
    RUSH SERVICE (add $6)
    AMOUNT ENCLOSED $ ___________________
    (Enclose Check or Money Order Payable to BankCard Credit Center)
  3. Complete Information Below.
    Read All Terms on Back and Sign.
    Your Phone Number: (_____) _____-___________

    Social Security Number: ______-____-________

    I have read all the account information and agree with the terms of this offer. I understand there is no credit check for my secured credit card and I have a DOUBLE MY MONEY BACK APPROVAL GUARANTEE.

    (Applicant Signature)

    If Applying For a Joint Account:

    Co-Applicant Name (Please Print):

    Co-Applicant Signature:

    IMPORTANT: Your Gold Cards cannot be processed without this completed form and the proper fee.

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