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I was at a pay phone owned by NSC Communications and noticed one of those stickers you see on many pay phones with a phone number to call for collect and credit card calls. I was curious to find out what company was actually providing this service, so I called the number (877-BEST-CALL, 877-237-8225) and spoke to an operator.

When I asked the question as to who the carrier was, I was told it was 877 BEST CALL. When I asked about tariffs, the operator offered to connect me to the manager.

The manager told me I should call customer service to get my questions answered, and gave me a toll-free number to call. When I called that number, I reached a customer service rep who identified their company as NSC Intera (i.e. the owner of the pay phone), said that they handled pay phone repairs, not calling card calls.

So I called back the Best Call number, spoke to Todd asking for the address of the corporate headquarters. He couldn't help so I wound up getting raised two levels of managers. I was told that the information I was asking for wasn't available, but the 2nd level manager offered to take my name and number and to "send it upstairs" to have somebody call me back.

Here's an update, but it only makes things more confusing:

If you call Best Call and ask for information, they're quick to refer you to the "customer service number", 888-565-8085. This is actually NSC Customer Service.

Although NSC offers Best Call at many of its pay phones by posting the 877-BEST-CALL number on the phone, NSC and Best Call are independent entities. Best Call should be able to rate calls placed through the 877-BEST-CALL number and NSC should be rating calls placed from its pay phones dialed with "1+" or "0+".

You can also contact NSC Intera's Public Telecom Management group directly at 800-559-1040.

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