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Cape Canaveral Cruise Line Tour and Travel Inc.
aka Cape Canaveral Tour & Travel
aka Canaveral Cruise Line of Clearwater
aka Promotional Travel
aka Kosmas Group International
aka eTour and Travel

address: 7099 North Atlantic Ave., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
address: 1479 South Belcher Rd, Clearwater FL 34624 (Canaveral Cruise Line)
address: 8018 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34653 (Promotional Travel)
address: 12926 North Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33618 (Promotional Travel)
address: 3626 Quadrangle Boulevard Suite 400, Orlando, FL 32817 (eTour and Travel)
address: 1759 West Broadway St Suite 6, Oviedo, FL 32765 (Kosmas Group Inc.)
phone: 321-783-4052 (changed from area code 407-783-4052, now rejects incoming calls)
fax: 321-799-9986 (changed from area code 407-799-9986)
phone: 305-975-4777 (no longer current)
fax: 321-783-2380 (changed from area code 407-783-2380)
phone: 321-783-4032 (changed from area code 407-783-4032, now disconnected)
phone: 321-783-4120 (changed from area code 407-783-4120)
phone: 407-262-5954 (now disconnected)
phone: 407-339-1510 (fax answers)
phone: 407-644-1470 (unintelligble recording from some radio station/Orlando Leisure magazine))
phone: 407-658-8285 (eTour and Travel main phone number)
fax: 407-658-1768 (eTour and Travel)
phone: 407-831-6020
phone: 407-831-6690
phone: 407-831-7053
phone: 407-975-5000
phone: 407-975-5059
phone: 407-975-5077
phone: 407-975-5099
phone: 770-729-9422 (no longer current)
phone: 813-376-0101 (Promotional Travel)
phone: 813-376-5920 (Promotional Travel)
phone: 813-530-5800 (Canaveral Cruise Line of Clearwater)
phone: 813-931-1956
phone: 813-960-7771 (Promotional Travel)
phone: 941-355-4453 (changed from area code 813-355-4453)
phone: 954-346-1927 (changed from area code 305-346-1927)
phone: 800-204-1402
phone: 800-333-5209
phone: 800-339-5120 (eTour and Travel customer service)
phone: 800-387-1199
phone: 800-511-6921
phone: 800-574-7159
phone: 800-591-9041
phone: 800-600-7438
phone: 800-601-5383
phone: 800-665-8385
phone: 800-669-1678 (eTour and Travel sales department)
phone: 800-671-2366
phone: 800-700-9822
phone: 800-761-6063
phone: 800-770-9992
phone: 800-781-7867
phone: 800-895-0484
phone: 800-898-9496
phone: 800-910-7447 (800-910-SHIP) (reservations, out of service)
phone: 800-995-4382
phone: 866-352-8747
phone: 866-933-5515
phone: 888-910-7678 (888-910-PORT) (group sales)
Cape Canaveral Tour and Travel web site:
Cape Canaveral Tour and Travel web site:
Kosmas Group web site: [Wayback archive]
Sweepstakes Online web site:
eTour and Travel web site:

Here's the M.O.:

You receive a phone call, presumably in response to a sweepstakes entry, offering an 8 days / 7 nights vacation in Florida for four for only $398. This includes 4 nights in Orlando at the Ramada Fountain Park at the east entrance of Disneyworld and 3 nights in New Smyrna Beach at a 3-star hotel, and another 2 nights in Key West at Ramada. Additionally, you'll get to go on two "fun" cruises totaling 5 hours.

Total value of this package is about $2,000, but in order to promote tourism in Florida, they are making this package available to just 250 people for this low price. Although we may be invited to attend a timeshare presentation, attendance is not required.

Here's an experience reported on 1/3/2004:

I got a call this afternoon from the eTour and Travel division. $298 for 4days and 3 nights in Orlando and 3 days and 2 nights in Key West and a rental car for the week. No mention of any timeshare presentation.

The pressure to decide within 7 days was the clue and a turn-off. Also, when I asked to have a package or brochure sent, the excuse was "the deals change too much from one week to the next on prices and lodging".

Here's a new experience reported 3/1/2004

Washington, DC Just today received a call from these folks (as e Tour and Travel, 1-800-431-8434) offering the $2,000 package for only $200 per person for up to four people. 4/days nights in Orlando, 4 days/nights in Daytona Beach, and an extra bonus of 3 days/nights in Key West. Problem was when I asked for information to be sent me in the mail prior to making up my mind in one weeks time (oh, and they wanted my credit card information, too), I was asked to "hold on." Onbody ever came back on so I broke the connection. Wish I knew what "offer" I'd signed up for and where! Mike Walker

This report came in on 5/17/2004:

Etour And Travel At Mission Nutrition web search for Etour And Travel At Mission Nutrition

Although the company entered into an agreement with Attorney Generals from 15 states after being charged with using fraudulent telemarketing tactics, it appears that they are continuing to use the identical tactics a year later.

Vermont April 2002 Lawsuit

February 2001 Settlement

December 2003 Cease & Desist Order

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additional search terms: scam, scams, fraud, fraudulent, ripoff, complain, complaint, complaints

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