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On 4/15/2002, the FTC filed a lawsuit against Capital Choice Consumer Credit for deceptive practices.
On 3/11/2004, the FTC closed the case on Capital Choice Consumer Credit.

Capital Choice Consumer Credit
aka: AIM Warehouse
aka: Alini International Market (AIM)
aka: American Financial Savings Benefits
aka: Comcard America
aka: Credit Marketing Services
aka: Credit Processing Center
aka: E-Credit Solutions
aka: Household Protection
aka: National Credit Service
aka: National Credit Shopper
aka: NCS
aka: Shield 2000
aka: Visa World
aka: Hartford Auto Club
aka: Roan Communications
aka: Premium Mega Saver
address: 7349 NW 34th Street, Miami, FL 33122
address: 11740 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH
address: 9590 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL
address: 11670 Highway 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet, SC
address: P.O.Box 327, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
address: 225 W. Main Street, Suite 101-605, Mesa, AZ
phone: 305-468-0019 (incoming call intercept as of 7/2002)
phone: 305-891-9598
phone: 435-586-0733 (Assail call center -- intercept as of 7/2002)
phone: 518-298-4011 (Alini International Market -- intercept as of 7/2002)
phone: 718-893-6426
phone: 786-242-8928 (intercept as of 7/2002)
phone: 800-323-8623 (intercept code 711:)
phone: 800-427-4419 (Easy Reach 800)
phone: 800-427-4719 (busy)
phone: 800-427-6207 (intercept)
phone: 800-576-3378 (former sales & service number, now just repeats phone number 005763378)
phone: 800-576-3988 (National Credit Shopper)
phone: 800-616-6640 (intercept code 090T)
phone: 800-626-7717 (intercept code 090T)
phone: 800-665-1465 (busy)
phone: 800-705-9202 (intercept code SFCRDD)
phone: 800-707-1689 (automated customer service requires credit card number)
phone: 800-721-3942 (busy)
phone: 800-722-9685 (repeats phone number 007229685)
phone: 800-748-4059 (customer service M-F 9-5 MT)
phone: 800-836-7845 (intercept code 027T)
phone: 800-866-4599 (intercept code 027T)
phone: 800-874-9164 (intercept code 027T)
phone: 800-959-4950 (intercept code 090T, not available from calling area)
phone: 800-959-4990 (intercept code 027T)
phone: 800-959-4995 (E-Credit Solutions vru, cust svc M-F 9 am-5 pm)
phone: 800-991-2303 (intercept code SFCRDD: resporg LDDS 888-872-9266)
phone: 866-793-6835 (Customer service out of order, contact E-Credit Solutions, 9590 Northwest 25th Street, Miami, FL 33172)
phone: 877-515-4001 (intercept resporg: LCI Intl 800-860-1020)
phone: 877-515-4801 (Credit Marketing Services, offer no longer available, write to 1320 Route 9 #206, Champlain, NY 12919)
phone: 877-906-5666 (intercept: resporg code CWC02 800-486-8686)
phone: 877-926-6227 (intercept code 711: resporg code BTF01 800-849-9100)
phone: 877-591-5502 (intercept code 27T: resporg Unitel 800-575-1010)
phone: 888-403-9155 (intercept code 090T, call did not go through)
phone: 888-403-9156 (intercept code 090T, call did not go through: resporg Unitel 800-575-1010)
phone: 888-447-1014 (ring no answer)

They send out an approval certificate. The one I got was marked "FORM 21015".

The really interesting stuff is in the over 2000 words of terms and conditions printed in a barely legible font on the reverse... you'll find this web page containing the terms and conditions a whole lot easier to read: Capital Choice Form 21015 Reverse web search for Capital Choice Form 21015 Reverse

Here's an "approval certificate" for a "Capital Credit Gold Card"... address is different from Capital Choice but the certificate is similar:


media, consumer agency, and official reports

complaints about Capital Choice Consumer Credit

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