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Capital One Experiences

Lobster Trap user thelobstertrap at domain writes:

I have an addition to your Capital One horror page.

I just received a mailing from Capital One with a complicated letter written in legalese. After having a few people decipher it, I've discovered it's asking me to sign away my legal rights by agreeing to settle all matters with Capital One in arbitration.

I'm to sign and send back the form by January 31, 2001. By not sending this form, I've agreed that I will go along with Capital One's arbitration policy! I immediately went to my bank and applied for a credit card there, with a balance transfer!

I've had nothing but problems with this company. The endless solicitation calls are a scam. I've had junk like so-called credit protection added to my card without my consent. Just because they call, they think they can add anything to your card! If they promote offering a card with "no hassles, no telemarketing," you can be sure that the company is crooked!


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