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Credicorp Inc.
9158 King James Drive
P.O. Box 569001
Dallas, TX 75356-9001
214-630-0510 (same recording on both numbers)

Credicorp claims to have been in business for over 10 years.

They mail solicitations to prospective consumers by sending out a simulated telegram notifying them of their eligibility to receive a Gold Card with a credit line of $10,000. A payment of $29.95 is required to receive the card.

Many people are disappointed when they receive the Gold Card and realize that it only allows purchases from Credicorp's own catalog, even though this was revealed in the fine print included with the initial offer.

The result of this is numerous warnings from various consumer agencies as well as enforcement actions taken by Attorney Generals in different states.

Enforcement Actions and Official Warnings

Consumer Agencies

Other Links

Credicorp Terms and Conditions
(as posted at - 05711109867 )

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