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I recently attended the Health & Nutrition Show in Mississauga (which had less exhibits than anticipated). While there, I filled in a registration form for a "Universal Orlando Vacation". When we (my wife and I) got home from work on the Tuesday after the show at around 7:00pm, we got a call from someone at E-tour and Travel informing us that we had "qualified based on demographics" and got the vacation. Anyways he informed us it would cost $498 USD for the entire vacation and that it had to be secured on our credit card. Though we were apprehensive at first we went along with it and paid for the vacation. About 5 days later we received the package with all of the information they had promised and although we don't know exactly when we will take the trip, we have come to acknowledge that they are in fact a credible company, with sales tactics slightly different from what we have been a custom to. As a matter of fact, upon examining this site more thoroughly, I have found that majority of the complaints are from people who presumed things were "scams" without fully understanding nor researching the company/s first. I have been "scammed" before and beleive me I would love to advertise the person's name on this site if I remebered it, however, I would never include a person name unless I was certainly scammed!For this reason, I have removed that information from the leter below. linked from Cape Canaveral Tour And Travel web search for Cape Canaveral Tour And Travel

The following letter was sent to the operators of a consumer food show called Mission Nutrition (see for details). A copy was also sent to Whole Foods Market, one of the show sponsors.


I attended the Mission Nutrition Show last weekend. I was quite disappointed because there were NOT enough to see to justify my ticket price of $10.

Anyways, I put my name in one of the draws at the show and have been contacted today by a company called "ETour and Travel" that I have won a prize to Florida.

The guy's name is xxxxxxxxx (available after 6:30pm tomorrow), and he said I won the prize and this is a promotion for 8 day 9 night Florida trip for $498 (plus half airfare) with all hotel paid for and a rental car etc. Everything sounded good until he asked for my credit card. I said I am not paying anything now, and he pressured me and said i have to make up my mind now or the deal is gone. I convinced him that I have to call him back tomorrow (hence he left me his contact) because I have to discuss this with my sister (as I have no money to pay for anything on my own). So I searched on the web and found info on the scam:

What I don't understand is, why does this show allow any junk people to sign up and expose us to bad deals like this. The Mission Nutrition Show doesn't seem to screen or care about the quality of the people presenting at the show. (Just as I am writing the email, someone called me again from that seems like I am getting into some sucker list just by submitting a form at the show).

I love Whole Food Market and have very high respect of the company, why are you supporting this kind of show? I went to the show because I picked up the info from the store in Toronto and I did not expect myself to get into this. If I were a bit more vulnerable (and stupid) earlier, I could have wasted the US$498 on this scam. I am just very unhappy about this. Whole food market, please don't sponsor this show or other show again if the promotors don't care about the quality of participants.

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