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Finesse Carepet and Upholstery Cleaners
526 Piazza Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043

At or about 3:20 p.m. on 7/17/2001, I received a call on 650-493-7344 from this company, attempting to sell me their cleaning services. Although the call was not identified as a recorded message, it subsequently became apparent that is what it was. The "voice" did not respond to my speech, but immediately switched to a touch-tone menu when I pressed a button on the phone.

This is in violation of 47 USC 227 and PUC 2871. The state law provides for fines. The federal law also allows for a private right of action to recover $500 per violation i.e. for every call placed in violation of the law.

The above phone call was redirected to a person after I pressed a button on my phone. That person indicated they would not cease and desist from their illegal activity, although they did offer to put me on a "do not call" list. Clearly an example needs to be made here and I request the maximum penalties be imposed upon them.

Complaint filed with California Attorney General's Office, 7/17/2001.

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