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hi my name is Kathy , and I was just reading the warning about this bank. I have 2 accounts with them, and I have got far behind on my payments due to some extra medical problems. I have tried to send them what I can to try to catch up.

But the problem is everytime they call me (which sometimes is 2 time a day) I get a different story from them. Sometimes they will talk to my husband and set up a payment on the phone, and the next time they call which is usually the next day they will tell me that they can only talk to me, not my husband.

One time they told me I could make a settlement on the phone for the pay-off on only the amount that I have charged, they will drop everything else. Then someone else will call back and the amount has changed, and they will say that the other person was wrong to tell me that. I just seem to get the runaround.

I was given a 400.00 credit line but after that charged me with all of those fees, I was only gave 200.00 fee. Can you suggest what I can do to stop some of this???????????????????????

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