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The following letter was sent to Cagey Consumer by a former customer of First USA:

I'll quote the letter I sent to Bank One via PlanetFeedback. Seven letters hadn't gotten a response other than a form letter saying they would look into my complaint. PlanetFeedback got a response, and some e-mail addresses and phone numbers. I'll add the Bank One responses (sent via snail mail) to my complaints.

I experienced problems with two credit cards. The problems demonstrated that your company is unethical in the extreme, and were as follows:

1) Your company's attempt to charge late fees and monthly interest when payment had been received (via certified mail). Your company did so on the basis that it "reserves the right" to delay posting payment for up to five days after receipt of same.

[Company response: "We're sorry. We don't know where you got the idea that we don't post payments for five days."]

2) Your company's attempt to charge late fees because two checks were enclosed in the envelope, and you discarded one of them (twice). When I pointed this out, along with my record of paying in full monthly, your customer service representative called me a liar.

[Company response: Ignored this complaint.]

3) Your company's refusal to provide one of the four frequent-flier tickets I earned.

[Company response: Even if our representative told you you could combine miles from both cards, we're not going to do it.]

4) Your company's inability to check records to verify the above statements.

[Company response: Finally checked the records three years later when I complained through PlanetFeedback.]

5) Your company's refusal to correct inaccurate records. This resulted in statements from you for over $800, which had been exaggerated from a $350 error on YOUR part.

[Company response: We're not changing anything.]

[6)Your company's hiring of dishonest and undereducated collection agents to attempt to collect a debt that was not (and is not) owed. They seemed incapable of understanding that some people will not pay a debt they do not owe.

[Company response: This is a very serious allegation. You should call the collection company about it.]

I have taken my business to another company which is capable of finding checks in an envelope, and I continue to urge others to avoid banking with you. Especially when I speak at conventions and continuing education meetings.

I have witnessed enough incompetence and downright dishonesty on the part of your company that I do not believe you will undertake ANY corrective action. If you behave this way toward clients who charge (and pay for) over $166,000 in a two to three year period, I can only imagine how you treat people with lower totals.

I don't anticipate your prompt reply, if past experience from Ellen Bailey and others is any indication.

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For more reports about problems with First USA Bank, check the Cagey Consumer site at

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