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Here's the anecdote:

I got a call from somebody identifying themselves as being in the Consumer Services Group, asking about renewing my membership in Legal Club of America. In fact, I had been enrolled in a legal services plan about a year before, but had canceled it without paying any charges for it (or using any of its purported services).

From experience, I know that challenging the scammiest of the telemarketers (e.g. what's the real name of the company you're working for) frequently leads to a hangup, and as the consumer, you're left with no opportunity for any satisfacton.

So then he told me that they had 5000 NetVista A20I computers they were giving away to people who agreed to a $299 renewal of their Legal Club membership. I at first assumed he meant that I had to renew my membership to be eligible for the drawing, but he clarified it and indicated this was not a drawing. But to put this in other words, the computer was being offered as an incentive for making a quick decision.

I asked about the computer. He gave me some details (10 gb hard drive, 64 mb memory) but couldn't tell me anything about the processor. (As it turns out, this model would currently be priced between $600 and $700.)

Anyway, I asked if I could call him back, and he said yes, but to call back tomorrow since he was calling from the Buffalo, NY area and it was 3 hours later there. Aaron gave me his phone number as 716-651-5441. There was no pressure that I would lose out on my chance for the free computer.

Buffalo, I thought. The last scam I heard of from there was First Capital Consumer Membership Services, the one which included the legal services plan that I canceled. Hmmmm.

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