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Opinion from user clasyn at domain

I had spoken to one of their recruiters some months ago. The information that person shared with me I had already had known about for the last 6 years. That information is true and correct. Any statement I make here can be backed up.

The Federal Reserve is in one word "FRAUD". It is a money system based upon book entries. There is no gold or silver to back up the money. Anyone who understands money and where it comes from would know that a "note" (Federal Reserve Notes) is something that is owed. To whom it is owed? To the international bankers.

Everytime the Mint prints an increased amount of money it confirms what is owed to the international bankers. That is where the real inflation comes from. It can be more aptly described as "printing press inflation. Also, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation and not part of the United States Government. When the Federal Reserve was enacted in 1913, they needed a collection agency, hence the IRS...Instant Rippoff Service.

I have known about their fraud over twenty years ago and promptly divorced myself from their grip. How much further do you want me to go? I can back up any statement of Global's products, but I will not back up their marketing plan. The knowledge they are selling can be obtained from other sources for a lot less money. Unless of course you like their marketing plan...I don't.


The international bankers are the New World Order. Eventually, and very soon because President Bush is a New World Order Man just like his daddy, they will be able to take over the United States by seizing all of our assets, the entire country if you will. That is because of the ever increasing debt we owe them. When they decide to call in the debt, everyone in this country will become their slaves. At one time they did call in a debt from us. That became "The Great Depression". If you recall that is when it became illegal to own gold. Why? Because we had to pay the debt in gold. We do have gold in reserve in this country, but 90% of it belongs to the international bankers, we just have custodialship of it. Just like when get a title for your car, the state owns it. You just have custodialship of it. If you really want to truly own your car you have to get the "Certificate of Origin" from the factory that produced it, and it would have to be paid for in full. The "title" is color of law.

responding to some comments I made that Nixon had taken us off the gold standard and that Federal Reserve Notes are only payable in other Federal Reserve Notes:

I was also around when Nixon was in office. I was not aware that he took us off the gold standard. What I know he did was allow us to own gold again. We were taken off the gold standard in 1933.

Indeed, Federal Reserve Note are a big scam and many people know that it is. For more information about our money go to: They are bringing back money based upon silver. If you understand anything about our Constitution, it states that money shall be gold or silver...not paper or a book entry. There is something that it does not say, that the people cannot produce their own form of gold or silver backed money, and the Feds have approved norfed to produce silver certificates.

Increasing taxes or balancing the budget will not cut it. You would be paying phony money for a phony debt. If you want to get rid of the international bankers you will have to do what is perscribed in the Constitution. President Kennedy was going to put us on the silver standard, but they killed him for that idea. The international bankers have been in business long before this country was born. They were disappointed when our "REPUBLIC" was established. What do you think the War of 1812 was all about? That was produced by the international bankers as was World Wars I and 2. We are all just "Pawns in the Game" a book by William Guy Carr, try and find that book! The last publishing date was 1978. I called a friend of mine that is a book wholesaler and he found his last copy for me in 1995.

What you said about the debt to the international bankers has a hint of truth to it. It is a phony system. We may have the paper, but they own the gold. Do you know what the "golden rule is?" Who ever owns the gold makes the rules.

Why do you think the Euopean dollar is so important? Because it is money backed by gold. The Germans have aggressively been buying gold from around the world. It will not be long before the Euopean Dollar becomes the standard of money for the entire world. What will become of the American Dollar...excuse me "Federal Reserve Notes". Because it is debt money it is totally worthless. But the debt is real. Why? Because we accepted the debt whether the money is real or not. What can the international banker collect on? The entire country's assets...namely your house and mine. And that is another subject if you are interested. Who really owns the house you live in? Hint...even if it is paid for it still is not yours. Take a look at your warrantee deed.

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