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Here's the short and long of my experience with Go Daddy attempting to transfer the domain from another registrar, which was due to expire on 12/13/2001. the Go Daddy web site said to allow a week for such transfers.

  1. On 11/30/2001, I submitted the transfer request, apparently successfully.
  2. On 12/3/2001, that request was rejected, but without any notification to me, even though they had a good email address for me.
  3. On 12/9/2001, having heard nothing about the transfer, I checked and found that my transfer fee had been credited.
  4. I immediately entered in a technical support request and received a response indicating that the request had been rejected because of insufficient information in the whois entry as listed with my existing domain name registrar. The Go Daddy rep advised me to updated the information with my existing domain name registrar so that the transfer could proceed.
  5. I updated my support request asking whether it was still feasible to do the transfer before the existing registration expired. On 12/10/2001, they responded that it wasn't and that I should renew with my existing registrar.

There were actually a couple of things that Go Daddy did right:

On the negative side:

Their rates are great, registration of new domain names may be fine, and my problem with registration may have been an isolated experience, but it's the only experience I have, so I cannot recommend Go Daddy for domain name transfers. Your mileage may vary.

The support correspondence follows:

12/09/2001 11:23 AM ---------------------------------------------

My current domain registration expires on 12/13/2001.

I submitted a transfer request on 11/30/2001.

I was issued a credit on 12/3/2001, but no explanation, probably in response to my call to tech support describing the difficulties I encountered in entering data required for the transfer.

But I have received no explanation. Was the transfer request canceled, or is this a courtesy credit? I would still like the domain transferred to godaddy, in spite of the problems that I had, and especially now that there are only a few days left before my domain name registration expires.

Thanks for your help.

Eli Mantel

12/09/2001 06:38 PM ---------------------------------------------

Dear Eli,

The reason we refunded you this amount was because you purchased a transfer twice for this domain. We refunded you for one of the transfers. I will forward your request to our domain services department to find out the status of your transfer. Please allow a few days for a response.

Feel free to email us if you have any other questions or concerns, or visit our web forum for more information:

Joseph D.
Go Daddy Software
Technical Support Representative

12/09/2001 07:18 PM ---------------------------------------------

Dear Eli,

I have reviewed your account info and it appears at though both of you purchases for transfer were refunded. One of them was refunded because of the duplicate purchase and the second was because there was not enough information in the whois to complete the transfer. You will need to update your contact info with your current company to be more complete and then repurchase a transfer with us again for the domain name. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Visit our web forum for information that may answer some of your questions at:

Joe H.
Domain Services
Go Daddy Software

12/09/2001 09:53 PM ----------------------------------------------

Your answer does not indicate what the discrepancy between the data provided to Go Daddy and the data I have provided to my current registrar is.

The information currently listed by whois for is:

Registrant Eli Mantel (template COCO-64155)
4158 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303 US

Domain Name:
Status: production

Admin Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Eli Mantel (COCO-854245)
1 650 493 7228
The only obvious discrepancy is that I did not give the "" email address to Go Daddy. The current registrar required that I provide this specific email address for the registrant even though it is not valid. However, the email address I provided to Go Daddy, "", matches the administrative contact in my current whois listing.

Please advise me just what needs to be changed, and whether there is any chance of doing a timely domain transfer giving the listed exipration date of 12/13/2001. Thank you.

---- 12/10/2001 09:17 AM ----------------------------------------------

Since your domain expires on Dec13th there is not enough time to complete the transfer and another request to us would fail and not be able to be processed. The whois database at network solutions is temporally down at the moment. The
most common information normally missing is the email address or a name for admin contact, but with only 3 days to expiration, we wouldn’t be able to finish the transfer in time anyway unfortunately.. Your best solution at this point would be to renew with your current registrar and then try to transfer away after you are renewed.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Visit our web forum for information that may answer some of your questions at: 

Brian G.

Domain Services
Go Daddy Software

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