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What is the purpose of an honor society? Read the following links for some opinions:

other opinions

In spite of our opinion about the National Society of Collegiate Scholars honor society ( ), many people have fallen for this trap. A google search of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars will turn up thousands of resumes and newspaper articles which list this society.

See National Society of Collegiate Scholars Ally Hudson Reply web search for National Society of Collegiate Scholars Ally Hudson Reply.

One opinion about this organization as stated by Anthony Tang, [Wayback archive] is reproduced below:

A certificate and letter came to my mailbox today announcing my membership into The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). At first, I thought the certificate was part an elaborate ad campaign designed to raise money for some scam group, but after some research online, I determined that NSCS was indeed a credible and nationally-respected organization. It turns out that the criteria for membership is a 3.4 GPA average in the first or second year at college. The Society, founded in 1994, has 120 chapters in campuses all over the nation, including George Washington University, the University of California-Berkeley, Northwestern, Cornell, UCLA, Dartmouth, Boston College, the University of Virginia and Duke.

One thing though: there is a $60 membership fee that is used to provide benefits and services to members of the Society. A small price to pay for a great-looking item to my resume. =)

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