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This is the place to collect complaints about Kraft Foods web sites.

As of 2/2/2002, the problem described on this page had been fixed (albeit stupidly).

Question: How do I contact Kraft Foods by email with a consumer question?

Answer 1a: Go to the Kraft Foods home page at and click on the link labeled Contact Us at the bottom of the page.

This opens up a new window contains Kraft's list of Frequently Asked Questions. Among the topic areas listed is one labeled Email.

Clicking on that link displays the following instructions:

Select 'About Kraft' from the navigation bar. Select 'Contact Us' from the side navigation bar, complete the email form, and click on the 'Send Email' button. You should receive a response within a few days
. Proceed to Answer 1b:

Answer 1b: Now that you have the FAQ instructions on how to contact Kraft Foods by email, just do what it says:

  1. Go to the Kraft Foods home page and click on the About Kraft link.
  2. This will bring you to a page with a Contact Us links in the page body and another one on the right hand side. They're the same, so click on either one.
  3. Now you're back to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  4. Since you've been here before, try something different this time, and proceed to Answer 1c:

Answer 1c: Hey look! There's a big question mark at the top of the page, and it says "Contact Us". Why not try that link?

  1. On the Frequently Asked Questions page, click on that big question mark inside the circle.
  2. Oops! Your window is now closed.
  3. Let's give their web site one more try. Proceed to Answer 1d:

Answer 1d: The privacy policy always includes a way to contact the company with questions. Maybe they've figured out that nobody ever reads the privacy policies, so they can put an email address there and nobody will notice it.

  1. Go back to the Kraft Foods home page and click on the View out Privacy Policy on the page footer.
  2. Scroll down. See the phone number? You were right! There's an email link. Go ahead. Click on it!
  3. Ha ha! You're back to the FAQ page.

This is the end of answer 1.

Answer 2

Why not try a completely different tact. Let's do a google search! Just click on this search link.

Isn't that cool?

Ok, here are some hits from that search that answer the question:

Answer 3

This is the short cut. I've included it mostly for search engines. You can send email to Kraft Foods at user onlineteam at domain

If you're lucky, you'll find some possibly better ways to find out how to contact Kraft electronically, just remember that it's your dumb luck, not Kraft's web site design, that led you to the right place.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that the majority of major-company consumer product and services web sites simply suck. Not a lot is said about it because, although it's the internet, it's basically a broadcast channel that isn't designed to deal effectively with feedback. There are relatively few complaints about just how bad all these web sites are. Apparently Kraft's web site was bad enough that somebody else noticed the problem too:

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