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I began receiving calls from MCI recently, after MCI was notified that I had switched my long distance service.

In each case, I was offered a plan with the following features:

When I asked if there were any additional fees, I was told only taxes would be added. When I specifically asked about universal service fees, I was told they didn't have those.

I was all ready to sign up for this program, until I asked if I could see a description of the program on their web site. I was directed to the following web page on the MCI Select 200 program: [Wayback archive]

Now that you've heard MCI's version of this program, read the truth about the MCI Select 200 program:

I asked the caller if she was using a script and was told no. I then asked to be transferred to a manager.

The manager also claimed that a script was not in use, yet when I questioned the accuracy of the information I was given, I was told that those details would be described in a later screen (i.e. after I had agreed to sign up) ... in other words, they were using a program to walk them through the sales call. That's just one more deception from MCI -- a company of liars.

I brought this incident to the attention of MCI's Media Relations Office and spoke to:

Lauren Kallens

MCI Media Relations
voice: 703-341-7347
fax: 703-341-9084
701 S. 12th St.
Arlington, VA 22202

In a conversation with Lauren, she seemed to be evasive, stating that she didn't hear the conversation with the customer service rep and therefore couldn't comment on it, but that MCI did not approve of misrepresentations.

Yet at that very moment, the MCI web site continued to make the same false statements that the program described above had no monthly plan fee.

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