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I have an account for MCI for long distance service that has no minimum charge. Using their online account manager service, the rates are described as follows:

You currently enjoy long distance rates for as low as 10 a minute for calls on Sundays.

After sending an inquiry to MCI customer service, they admitted the true rates:

State-to-state rates
All Day Sunday $.10/minute
All Day Saturday $.30/minute
Monday-Friday 7:00pm-6:59am $.30/minute
Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:59pm $.35/minute

In-state rates (vary by state)
Monday-Sunday 7:00pm-6:59am $.10/minute
Monday-Sunday 7:00am-6:59pm $.15/minute

Local Toll rates (vary by state/area)
Monday-Sunday 7:00pm-6:59am $.05/minute
Monday-Sunday 7:00am-6:59pm $.10/minute

Although MCI wouldn't admit this to be a lie, clearly they can't be bothered to tell the truth.

MCI has now been required to pay for its lies:

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