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National Recreational Properties of Clearlake
aka Shasta View Properties
9 Goodyear
Irvine CA 92618
phone: 800-366-3660
phone: 800-645-7951
phone: 949-583-1000
phone: 888-556-3823
phone: 800-628-7447
phone: 800-332-1790
phone: 800-237-1782 (Lake Shastina)
phone: 800-391-7731 (Lake Shastina)
phone: 800-791-2777 (Calpines)
phone: 800-499-6199 (Lehigh Acres)
phone: 386-246-3800 (Palm Coast)
phone: 888-584-2388 (Palm Coast)
phone: 888-340-6752 (Palm Coast)
fax: 386-246-3808 (Palm Coast)
Lake Shastina web site:
Calpines web site:
Lehigh Acres web site:
Palm Coast web site: (web site no longer mentions National Recreational Properties)

Erik Estrada, former star of CHiPs, promises that you can own an estate-sized lot for $16,900, payable at $249 a month with a $795 down payment.

Erik cannot stop telling how marvelous life will be when you move to Lake Shastina. He even tells us that there are good people at National Recreational Properties.

And the announcer confirms that a refund of your deposit is gar-on-teed if you decide it's not for you after your free fly-in visit.

Can the real thing live up to these expectations?

And what happens to the natural state that makes this so appealing, after everybody moves in?

(extract from informercial)

If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, we will return your deposit within 72 hours. What could be easier or more fair than that? A free vacation weekend.

Where else can you find property just like you've seen, waiting for you to put your dream home one.

If you prefer not to build right now, these homesites are perfect to build on on your own schedule.

This is not a time share, it is deeded property recorded in your name.

I've almost run out of adjectives to describe this fantastic offer. Learn about this incredible community.

The fishing is wonderful, just throw your line in and it's nothing to come up with a 12 pound fish. It's wonderful. The fishing can be done all year long.

Unique and rare offers of california land at prices this low will not last forever. Only $1295 down and $350 a month. If within 30 days you're not completely satisfied with your property, you can choose another property or get a complete refund.

Make that call and own your own piece of this state. Plan a better tomorrow for you and your family.

We have some of the best greens in California. Every hold you tee off on you're looking right into the mountains. You see it go up 12-14,000 feet. You can see snow all year round.

Ever since I saw this mountain, it's so beautful, every day, every different view, the clouds, the whiteness of the snow, is fantastic. It's like it's in our living room, it's never the same.

This is a limited oppportunity.

We have a wonderful community. Water sports land sports sky diving. You should be here right now enjoying Lake Shastina.

This opportunity is real, make that call now.

It's a wonderful place to live, you feel save, involved.

We discovered Lake Shastin, we love it here and intend to stay here the rest of our lives.

You don't have to worry about crime or violence, it's a very nice place to stay.

(Erik Estrada speaking) I know that was a lot of information to consider. Everything you've just seen and heard is exactly the way it is in Lake Shastina.

You should consider a course of action:

Where else can you find property just like that at Lake Shastina.

Lake Shastina is the opportunity and thrill of a lifetime.

Price increased from $24,990 to $29,990 effective July 1, 2003.

pricing table

effective date list
before 4/1/2001 $13,900
6/27/2001 $16,900
10/13/2002 $24,900
7/1/2003 $29,900
6/1/2004 $32,900

The above may not be a complete list of price changes. Price changes may have become effective prior to the effective date indicated. Increased prices charged by National Recreational Properties do not necessaarily reflect increases in market value.

California Pines

phone: 800-820-9109

pricing table

effective date list
as of 11/1999 $9,900
as of 4/2000 $7,900
as of 8/2002 $9,900
as of 7/2003 $12,900
as of 2/2004 (web site) $17,900
as of 2/2004 (infomerical) $12,900

Erik Estrada say we want you to see, touch, and feel the California Pines community. It's convenient, safe, gracious living,

"Your own up to 1-acre home site for this incredible price, a free vacation weekend for two, and receive 100% deposit of your refund within 72 hours."

This is the life you've always dreamed of for you and your family. Until recently, very few could afford to live the good life in California.

The average price for a one-acre property in California can be between $20k to $50k.

Most of us save money so that someday we can make a down payment, but the truth is, we'll never catch up with the skyrocketing price of California property. With the economic realities of providing for your family today, most will never save enough money to own a home, but at California Pines, you can own your own estate-size homesite starting at just $12,900.

"A dream come true."

"We've told you how friendly the community is and how easy it is to become a proud propety owner at California Pines."

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