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I am a senior at the University of New Mexico and I currently serve as the President of the National Leadership Council for NSCS. I was elected to this position by members of NSCS and I serve as a voting member on the Board of Directors. I strongly disagree with how you represent NSCS on your Web site. In singling out NSCS, did you do any research before you made your claims? I am not opposed to being skeptical of things and your Web site serves a noble purpose for consumers, but you write about a group that is having a huge and positive impact on students on 219 campuses nationwide. Are you familiar with the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) They are the association with very high standards for honor societies and they are responsible for endorsing college honor societies that meet and exceed these standards. ACHS membership assures consumers that the honor society is truly a nonprofit, is recognized by the campus, and is managed appropriately by a Board of Directors. NSCS has been a member of ACHS for 2 years, and you are not eligible for membership into ACHS until the organization reaches 10 years in existence.

I am a member of numerous honor societies and I feel that NSCS really does have a positive impact on students. I would be both open and willing to speak with you directly about my experience with NSCS. Or, if you would prefer, you can contact the Executive Director of the Society (Steve Loflin at user loflin at domain, or any Board member, who would be happy to tell you more about NSCS and why we don’t feel that we deserve to be on your “Don’t Fall for These” list.


Ally Hudson
NSCS National Leadership Council


You say you're not opposed to being skeptical, also that you belong to numerous honor societies. Have you asked yourself about the reason these various honor societies operate the way they do?

Have you questioned why some honor societies operate differently than others? Are there any ways in which NSCS is different from most of the honor societies? Have you considered why NSCS operates differently?

Do people become members of NSCS in order to further improved academics, or do people generally join to further their personal interests?

And the NSCS diploma? Come on! Framing your college transcripts would certainly be less likely to confuse people than a diploma.

NSCS has succeeded at pulling a fast one... and they've pulled one over on you and thousands of other students who pay $4,000,000 each year in lifetime membership fees.
EliMantel web search for EliMantel - 25 Jan 2006

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