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ATTN: Sir,


I wish to solicit your help in migrating to yourcountry and investing my funds.Briefly, I am a Sierra Leonean national and the wifeof late Dr MAXWELL MOREMBE until his death, my husband was the General overseer of the Diamond Mine inKanemaSierra Leone.On April 6th 2000 the military forces loyal to theGovernment of Ahmed TIJAN KABBAH invaded the Diamondmine and assassinated my husband, mistaking him forhis brother MIKE MOREMBE who is the deputy to theleader of the revolutionary United Front (RUF)FODAYSANKOH..When the news reached me, I hurriedly gathered somevaluables in our family villa and escaped for my dearlife in the company of my only son NEVILLE.Among the valuables was a file that containeddocumentsof two luggages my husband deposited in a securitycompany. He deposited 20.5 million US dollars in the name ofour son NEVILLE and the money was made from the saleof Gold and diamonds during his time as the Generaloverseer.Now we are in Abidjan and has verified the transactionwith the security company, we need your assistance tomove thisfunds out of the security company for investment inyourcountry as we cannot invest here due to the war stillgoing on there. Weask you to scout for a viable and lucrative business,so that we can invest wisely.We have it in mind togive you 10% of the total sum(20.5 million US dollars), and 15% share in anyinvestment we will embark upon if you assist us.We will also set aside 5% of the funds for ancillaryexpenses which you may incure in course ofthistransaction.This fortune we have revealed to you should remainconfidential as it is only you who we have told aboutit .Call my son NEVILLE on his number that shall begiven to you ,on receipt of this message for further directives..Note that this transaction is risk free.You are by the reason of this fax requested to forwardyour confidential telephone and fax numbers.
Best regards!
Mrs. Lilly Morembe.

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