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From: "MR. FRANK OBI" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:30:23
Subject: CALL ME
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ATTN.: sir,

I got your contact through email business directory and decided to send my proposal to you. I am MR.FRANK OBI the first son of Major John Obi the former G-14 Security Officer to the late head of State General Sanni Abacha whose sudden death occurred on the 8th of June 1998. Afterthe death of the general the Military Government of General Abdulsalam Abubakar took over the affairs of the Government of Nigeria and started the recovery of Government properties and funds from key officer that served under the late General including his family, presently his son Mohammed Abacha is still in detention.

Two months later, my father was arrested by security agents, he was charged of illegal embezzlement of public funds and his involvement Human righ Abuse. All accounts belonging to my father both local and abroad had been frozen and his investments seized by the government. Since August 1999 my father hand been in detention and my mother under house arrest, and also travel embargo had been placed on our family pending the out come of the case, all my fathers friends and family members has abandoned us to faith.

During the Easter celebration This year December, I was given the opportunity to see my dad, he told me he deposited two trunk boxes containing US$35m with a security company here in Nigeria and that a week to his arrest he instructed the company to ship the consignment to ABORAD all in the aim of receiving it there himself before his arrest that faithful day, according to him the contents of the boxes is not known to the Security company as they are made to believe they contain government classified documents. He wanted to save guard this fund since it was given to him by his boss for an official assignment.

In the light of this he directed me to look for a foreigner who will assist in retrieving the boxes and depositing of the fund into an account, hence the need to contact you.

I and my mother had agreed to give you 25% of the fund for your assistance and 5% for any expenses you might incur in the course of this transaction,we want to believe that you will not sit on the money when paid into your account. I want you to understand that there is no risk involve as we have worked out modalities for the smooth actualization of this goal. The boxes presently is in a security vault of this company in their offshore office in ABORAD . You are being expected to send the following:

1] Your international passport details or driving license to assure us of your person
2] Your full address not postal address,
3] Your private telephone and fax numbers.

I will send the following:

1] The receipt of the ware bill used in sending the boxes
2] The password being the security code
3] The deposit certificate
4] The agreement between my father and the security company

All these will be send through courier service to your address as they will demand the original copies from you, once the documents and keys to the boxes had been received by you, then you will contact their office in ABORAD to notify them. When you wish to retrieve the consignment, all informationís about their offshore office is in the agreement.

I wish to state here that we are left with nothing as we survive by the grace of Allah. I hope you understand our predicament so as to save me and my family from hopeless future (S.O.S.) All contacts for now should be through FAX 234-1-7590893 for security reasons.

Waiting your urgent response.


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