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Dear sir,

My name is Kenneth Paul, I got your information from Ministry Vital Signs and I know you can assist me to earn a living. I am a British born and a South African by citizenship. Well, I really need your assistance to enable me complete my education. I am 17years and now an ophan since my mother died of breats cancer a month ago in an hospital in South Africa here.

I am a student of University of Plymouth, studying E-technology which makes me spend most of my time on reseach work on the internet. I am presently in South Africa following my mothers death, who is a Togolese but we spent most of our time in South Africa and London, but now I can not afford to pay my school fees because I do not have any money of own except that was left behind for me from my father who is also late, the money which was about to be claimed along side his assets in London, South Africa and Brazil.

My hope of finishing school is at stake and I am stuck in South Africa, the money which I am suppose to inherit is $30m USD which is in bank in South Africa. All documents to that account is available and can be forwarded to you including the details and death certificates if you decide to help me out, I have just a month to resume school and I have just some little money to sustain me till when I am to resume for school.

Please sir, you can assist this young soul to make a good future from his fierce world, all I need is for you to stand as a guardian to me, please all the details you would need to make this life a better place for me would be forwarded to you, whenever you so need it.

I promise to pay you whatever you so desire, because I have to a lawyer and with your assistance it would be much easier for me to make the claim. Please sir, Ineed your help and I would forward the documents to you.
Thank you sir.

Yours faithfully

Kenneth Paul

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