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Dear Mohammed Zayyad:

You wrote:

... I want you to earnestly confirm your ability and willingness to prosecute this deal with us. ... You need to build confidence in us such that we shall be sure of receiving our share when the funds eventually gets into your account. This I beleive need to be cultivated ... not by ... bluff. ... [we] have discussed the content of your last email and have agreed to concede 30% of the total fund to you for assisting us to conclude the deal and set aside 5% to cover expenses to be incured ...

In the first place, I have been most forthright about my requirements. You have chosen to insist upon your needs and not meet the needs I have specified, so I saw no point in contacting you further.

Now you suggest that I have been bluffing. I suggest that you have contacted numerous other people with this offer, and have been unable to consummate a deal with any of them. We both know why that is. It is because there is a good deal more risk involved here than you care to admit. Even with the lure of millions of dollars of easy money, people will not enter into this agreement with you. You must either think I am naive or you must be naive yourself if you truly believe that this is a virtually risk-free proposition.

You further insult me by offering to increase my share by taking it out of the amount set aside for expenses. How are the excess expenses which will surely occur going to be covered? Or if you believe that 5% will in fact be sufficient, then what has happened that makes it possible to cut these expenses in half?

I am not desperate for your deal. My time is much more valuable than you believe, and it is more sensible for me to spend it on opportunities that are far more remunerative than yours.


Eli Mantel

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