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Several states have passed legislation that allows residents to register on a "no calls" list that telemarketers must check under penalty of law.

Several problems are apparent from these programs:

Here's a table of states that have laws supporting "no call" lists:

state url effective date exceptions
AL   25 categories of exemptions make this no-call law virtually useless
AR 1/2000 about 10 categories of exceptions
CO 7/2002  
FL 10/1987  
GA 1/1999 previous business relationships and political polls
ID 1/2001  
IN 1/2002 charities, newspapers, insurance agents, real estate agents
KY 1/1999 22 categories of exceptions
LA 1/2002 market research, political activity, business relationship in last 6 months
MO 7/2001  
NY 4/2001 calls to set up a meeting to offer a product or service
OR   opinion survey calls are exempt, charitable calls are exempt only if interest previously expressed
11/2002 business relationship in last 12 months, political parties and candidates
TN 7/2000 business relationship in last 12 months
TX 1/2002 any business that is required to obtain a state license
WI 1/2003 market research, people working for themselves (read the rules!)

Unless otherwise noted, charitable solicitations are exempted from the law as well as calls from companies with which you have an existing business relationship.

Other summaries of state "do not call" laws:

Please add your comments below:

What's the rationale for the New York exemption?

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