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The Cagey Consumer web site suffered an outage from approximately 10 a.m. Pacific Time on 5/25/2001 to 3 a.m. Pacific Time on 5/27/2001, due to a widespread outage affecting Pacific Bell's network in California.

Nobody is happy with any interruption in service, but Pacific Bell attempted to hide the truth from the media, by claiming that the problem had been fixed on the same day, instead of admitting the true length of the outage and giving its customers accurate information about the progress being made at restoring service.

I've posted the details of my experience at PacBellOutage web search for PacBellOutage. If you experienced troubles with this outage or have had other problems with Pacific Bell/SBI services, feel free to create a new page with your story. You may also want to post your story at one of the sites linked to below. -- EliMantel? - 27 May 2001

Pacific Bell complaint sites:

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