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Here's the whine...

You sign up with Phone Hog with the promise that you're going to get free long distance time.

You get the time all right... but it comes in truly measly amounts, usually only 2 minutes at a time, unless you actually spend money or at least sign up for trial offers or credit cards. How many times will it take to learn the TANSTAFL lesson "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch"?

If you click on these offers... offers that obligate you to spend money, they will instantly sign you up, without confirming the offers... in some cases for a dozen offers at once.

In other words, to be eligible for the "free" long distance, maybe an hour of calling worth only about $5 anyway, they sign you up for $60 or $70 worth of magazine subscriptions, without checking if you clicked on the link by mistake.

And when you write to their customer service department, they just "close" your complaint and throw it in the bit bucket.

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