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Thank you for the opportunity to post a rebuttal to your complaint. I will try to address each of your concerns:

  1. You indicate that minutes can only be earned "in truly measly amounts, usually only 2 minutes at a time, unless you actually spend money or at least sign up for trial offers or credit cards." PhoneHog web search for PhoneHog offers its members many different opportunities to earn long distance calling minutes. Members can earn minutes (usually 2) just for clicking on a link. But they earn many more minutes by taking advantage of a wide variety of offers that are available, many of which are totally free. For instance, right now our members can earn 10 minutes just for joining The Motley Fool for free, 10 minutes for joining Equity Alert for free, 10 minutes for requesting a free credit card search, 5 minutes for joining Uproar for free, 15 minutes for applying for a credit card for free, 15 minutes for applying for another credit card for free, 5 minutes for subscribing to free business magazines, 10 minutes for entering a poetry contest for free, 10 minutes for entering a photography contest for free, 5 minutes for requesting free catalogs from ShopatHome, 5 more minutes for requesting free catalogs from CatalogLink, and many more. Let's see, that's 100 minutes, plus the initial 10 minutes we give away just for joining, for taking advantage of a few totally free offers. And we also offer opportunities to earn even more minutes for opportunities that require some purchase or commitment. Like 120 minutes just for applying for, and being approved for, a credit card. Or 60 minutes just for subscribing to USA Today.
  2. You said: "If you click on these offers... offers that obligate you to spend money, they will instantly sign you up, without confirming the offers... in some cases for a dozen offers at once." PhoneHog web search for PhoneHog members are NEVER obligated to spend any money. If you wish to purchase a product or service that is available through PhoneHog web search for PhoneHog, you may. And then you are responsible for whatever you sign up for. No one is signed up for a dozen offers at once and no one is obligated to spend any money. If you enter your credit card number on one of our partner's web sites, then, yes, you should be prepared to be charged for the item you've ordered. If you don't want to be charged, don't order the item and don't enter your credit card number.
  3. You said: "In other words, to be eligible for the "free" long distance, maybe an hour of calling worth only about $5 anyway, they sign you up for $60 or $70 worth of magazine subscriptions, without checking if you clicked on the link by mistake." This is completely untrue. We don't sign you up for anything. Our members choose which offers they wish to take advantage of and which they do not. Every offer is totally optional. And as far as the magazines are concerned, if you accidentally subscribed to a magazine that you don't want, you may cancel the subscription. Just write "cancel" on the invoice.
  4. You said: "And when you write to their customer service department, they just "close" your complaint and throw it in the bit bucket." Our Member Support team is top-notch. They answer all kinds of questions from our members and are very professional. In fact, if anyone gets an unsatisfactory response from PhoneHog web search for PhoneHog Member Support, they should email me directly and I will make sure the inquiry is handled properly.

Thank you.


Philip Nadel, President
Gulfstream Internet, Inc./
7777 Glades Road, Suite 211
Boca Raton, FL 33434
561-852-7377, ext. 201
fax: 561-852-3630

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