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I read your page about the 6 free gifts from Readers Digest Young Families... there is a way to return unwanted materials even if opened. A guy at the Post Office told me how, but said he wasn't supposed to publicize it. (This involved sending back Time-Life CDs that I had previewed and didn't want.)

He said to put the item back in the original package, close and tape it up, remove or cover the original address label showing my address (with Time-Life this is easy since it is a sheet which shows through a window), and just write RETURN TO SENDER on the outside, with an arrow pointing to the original return address. The trick here is to be careful opening the original package so as not to damage it too much. I've done it a number of times, and they always got it back, as my account was credited for the returned materials.

I know this kind of thing can be a pain, though. I had a similar experience with a credit card company's affiliate, Damark, who talked me into accepting a "free" gift and a trial membership in a buying service, which could be cancelled anytime within 30 days with no obligation. They didn't mention a shipping/handling charge on the "free" gift, which never came, nor did the buying service materials ever arrive.

They agreed to credit back the $90+ they charged my card for the membership, but said to get the shipping/handling (about $5) back, I would have to have them mail me a long form (which I did), fill it out and explain that I never got the stuff, mail it to them, try to get the credit card company to not charge me interest on the unpaid amount in the meantime, etc. I opted to just pay the $5 and cancel the credit card that gave them my address/phone, telling them exactly why I was cancelling (I had already spent around an hour on the phone).

And I just chalked it up to experience.

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