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The web sites listed in the "Gallery", were designed by Renscape, but it was never made clear whether these were supposed to be actual web sides or just "demos" demonstrating Renscape's capabilities. It was actually a combination, but they didn't attempt to differentiate between these two.

These web sites were wholly unremarkable from a technical perspective, and didn't demonstrate very much creativity either. But Renscape has now largely cleaned up their act, and replaced most of the old "Gallery" demo sites with a "Portfolio" of live sites.

Here are the web sites currently shown at the Renscape Portfolio:

These sites aren't included in the Renscape Portfolio but since they have been produced by Renscape Technologies Group, it only seems fair to include them as well:

I will eventually get around to having a page about each of the above web sites. Until then, bear in mind that Renscape is asking folks to invest money based on a business plan. The essential part of that business plan had been a claim to some unique technologies, such as security and compression.

So what are you getting for your investment?

Hard assets? Probably not much of that, but then, what interest is there in investing in physical plant.

Unique technologies? That claim seems to be gone from the web site.

Goodwill? As in name recognition, or big accounts who come back regularly with lots of business? There's not much evidence of this.... but you can always call Renscape's investor relations and ask for details.

A skilled workforce? Bingo! They've got some programmers on the payroll, who know flash and some other web techonlogies, the skills needed to compete against hundreds of other web design companies that can provide similar services.

But is that the basis of a good investment? Paying programmers (not to mention the company management, which is focused on finding more investors) to make up the operating deficits that occur when there's not enough business to keep them busy? Make sure you get good answers before investing your money.

Here are some of the sites that are in the portfolio which were also in the old Gallery. I'll take these out after I update the links above.

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