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This information is based on an experience with National Car Rental. I have not verified whether or not other car rental companies have similar policies.

This is only an issue if you're renting a car with a rate based on the day of week of the rental, such as a weekend rate.

You can verify the information below by going to the National Car Rental web site at

Supposed you're planning on renting a car Friday evening and returning it Monday noon. National will charge for 3 days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each of these will be at the weekend rate.

Suppose, however, you don't really need the car until Saturday morning at 8 a.m.. The weekend rate is still available, and although you're using it for a half-day less, you'll still pay for 3 days, but this time, it will be for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The Monday rate may be 2-3 times the weekend rate, so these 3 days will cost you substantially more than if you had rented it on Friday night.

So this is a situation where "less is more", at least in terms of revenue for the car rental company.

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