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Due to a flaw in the integration of Windows XP with the Thinkpad, the battery meter (batmeter) display on the taskbar can suddenly disappear. Yet despite all the suggestions to select the "always show icon on the taskbar" to resolve this problem, that doesn't have any effect.

The solution to this problem is to get out your "battery maximiser wizard", one of 23 different interfaces to the power management features on the t41. You can access the "battery maximiser" from the ThinkPad Configuration. One way to get to the thinkpad configuration is to open c:\windows\system32\tp98.cpl. Here's a more traditional approach:

  1. from "start", select "control panel"
  2. from "control panel", select "other control panel options" (under "see also" on the left side of the screen)
  3. from "other control panel options", select "ThinkPad Configuration"
  4. from "ThinkPad Configuration", click on the "Power Management" pulldown and select "Battery MaxiMiser> Wizard" (or alternatively, select "alt-P" then press "b")
  5. click through the "next" buttons until you get to step 3: Viewing Battery Status
  6. select "Show Battery MaxiMiser Gauge on Taskbar"
  7. click through the "next" buttons and "finish"

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