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Received a telemarketing call from Teleperformance on behalf of AT&T Universal Card offering membership in Simple Escapes. After asking to be placed on the Do Not Call list, I was given their phone number as 888-241-0073.

Google turned up nothing on that phone number, and the BBB had no listing for Simple Escapes, so I called back the number and asked what company it was affiliated with. None, I was told.

I asked where the headquarters was, and the reply was Omaha, Nebraska.

I eventually found they were part of MemberWorks web search for MemberWorks, which has a whole bunch of these membership programs. Next Member Contribution comments:from KevinMaury? Just noticed a charge credited to my Visa for $198.00 for 2 friggin memberships to Simple escapes, I am livid. Called Simple escapes and was informed that " Oh you must have signed up thru Aol telemarketing or perhaps accidently clicked on our website" I feel like suing both AOL and Simple escapes. When I asked for a chargeback credit to my Visa he tried to convince me that it would be stupid to cancel such a good offer and not to leave the "club" I said I never joined and wanted a refund and then all of a sudden he started spkg. in his native language of Hindu or East Indian I hung Uo Pls. help what should I do with Aol and their crappy callers and scams. Ive since cancelled Aol . but they still have my credit card # number by the balls......................Thanks for letting me vent

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