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7900 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66210

customer service

phone: 888-211-4727 (888-211-4PCS)

Press  1  for English, then press  0#  twice.

executive offices

phone: 913-253-4302
fax: 913-253-4386



received a mailing piece in the form of a letter from Dena Swackhammer, Vice President, Customer Solutions Strategy at Sprint PCS. The letter contained no phone number. The back of the envelope had the address P. O. Box 8174, London, KY 40742.

Called the customer service number. I was put into the "music on hold" queue. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I called from another line and a CSR answered on the first ring.

The name of the CSR was Marcel, agent id 7396, in the Virginia call center. I asked Marcel to open a ticket for the call center telephone system, but he was unable to help.

I asked for information on contacting the Customer Solutions Strategy office that had sent the letter. When he couldn't help me with that, I asked for the number for the executive offices. He could not supply that information either.

Eventually I was able to talk to the Marcel's supervisor, Chanel. Chanel said she could report the problem with the phones and that I would get a callback on the status of the problem.

When Chanel told me that she couldn't give me the number of the executive offices because she didn't have that information, I asked for the number for payroll, since she surely had that number. She indiciated that she wasn't allowed to give out that number.

I then asked Chanel to have the head of the Customer Assistance Department, Patsy, to call me back the next day.

Even at this time, the first call I placed was still on hold.

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