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A visitor to the Cagey Consumer web site reported a problem with a service described as guaranteed, targeted traffic delivered to your website.

The whole concept sounds pretty cheesy to me. How do they manage to deliver this traffic? Could it be popunders or exit popups, with multiple popups to boot? Your web site gets "traffic" but your pages are just ignored, so what good is that?

For what it's worth, here's this fellow's story:

Here's one of the biggest Internet scams around! ..... "Guaranteed Traffic" .....

... and I've been scammed twice!

Yeah, okay, you could say that's sort of careless, but the problem is, you NEVER know the honest traders from the dishonest traders before it's too late.


On 18 March 2002, I purchased 5,000 "Targeted Visitors" to my Website for $195. The transaction was processed through WorldPay.

I'm aware that this figure is approximately DOUBLE the going rate for 5,000 visitors, but ACT guaranteed immediate results:

"We deliver GUARANTEED TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website - FAST! ... Just tell us how many customers you want - and we'll open the floodgates!"

Now there's a fine misrepresentation of the facts! After three months of banging my head against a brick wall, I simply gave up! It turns out that their version of opening the floodgates is to register you with a million FFA sites so that your Inbox gets jammed with spam!

WorldPay, of Cambridge UK, were not in the slightest bit interested. Their Customer Service department advised me that "WorldPay is the Payment Service Provider for the site you made a purchase from and not the owner of the store." S'funny, I never would have guessed!

This one cost me $195 plus OVER TWENTY e-mails, SEVEN support tickets, and THREE phone calls. So it takes my prize for the "Worst Traffic Scam Oscar"

RSMITHENTERPRISES.NET who are so "discreet" that even their web index page is blank! However, you can view them at:

On June 21 2002, I paid $69.95 through PayPal for 50,000 'hits'. Better value than Armchairtycoon, you could argue! But a loss is a loss is a loss, eh?

I've repeatedly emailed user support at domain which is the address they tell you to use. I've also contacted PayPal .... no support from them either. Seems like once your money's gone - it's gone!

Delivered hits to date? ... ZERO!

Adding up the tally for these two trustworthy establishments I see I've lost $265 and gained about 1,500 dodgy visitors (from Armchairtycoon). That's close to 18c per (dodgy) visitor!

What about a movement to use escrow services for site traffic delivery? Pay your money to an escrow and release it when all the hits have been delivered. That way, all the shady sites like and would either deliver or sink.

Sink, I hope!

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