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Question: Where can you buy an umbrella-style clothesline?

Hints: For purposes of doing searches, look for the following:

umbrella clothesline
umbrella clothes dryer
rotary clothes dryer
wäschespinne (waschespinne)
wäscheschirm (wascheschirm)
séchoir parapluie
paraply tørrestativ


Whitney Design (formerly Butts Manufacturing) Model 1600 ($38.99-$49.99)

Butts Model H150 ($49.99)

Another similarly-priced source in the U.S. for umbrella clotheslines:

Butt's doesn't have a monopoly on this product, but finding products from other manufacturers for sale seems somewhat difficult or a good deal more expensive:



The handsome Breezecatcher Deluxe top spinner is a very good quality rotary clothesline, each one is carefully hand crafted,not mass produced or machine assembled. Designed to last about 30 years and turns easily in the lightest breeze, also features a spring action self-locking latch.

Constructed using bright anodised aluminum arms and braces they will not tarnish and will look good for years to come, the 4 arm features gold finish anodised center brackets and slides.

The breezecatcher can be purchased on-line direct from Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers.

Delivery by economy post anywhere in the USA, Canada, or Europe. 5 models are now available -

Unspecified brand on this $169 umbrella clothes dryer made in the Netherlands:

Julietta brand clotheslines (evidently no longer available):

Here are more manufacturer's sites, but not necessarily a way to order them:

If you find any way to order products from these companies, please add the info.

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