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Sending unsolicited faxes is illegal, but how do you recover the $500-$1500 penalty per violation allowed by Federal law? (FCC page)

Current news about prosecutions against junk faxers:

State statutes affecting email (current as of 1999... more have been passed):

Maryland Office of the Attorney General -- cease and desist and lawsuit threat:

Mentions $500 fine per complaint for Nebraska:

Mentions prosecution of a fax blaster and gives addresses for complaints:

Story about state prosecuting an offender: [Wayback archive]

Florida laws against unsolicited faxes:

Carrier that prosecutes junk faxers and acts on junk fax complaints:

Consumer lawsuit against junk faxers:

From the "New York Law Journal":

California law:

Consumer protection group page, mentions laws:

In fact, lots of marketing groups are warning against the practice and no longer support it because it can get the sender AND the parent company in trouble:

Guilty parties:

Washinton State anti-spam law:

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