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U S CreditCom
3844 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89107

phone: 877-873-7334 (customer service)
phone: 702-320-3777 (main number)

These folks are always calling. It's never possible to tell what name they're using, e.g. "U S Credicom", "U S Credit Comm", or "U S Creditcom". The spelling shown above is from the BBB files. When they call, they claim that they're calling in response to an inquiry, which is just an outright lie.

When they called us, they claimed to be "licensed and bonded by the BBB". They are listed as a member of the BBB of Southern Nevada and a participant in the BBB We Care program. I am waiting for a response from the BBB as to whether the BBB licenses and bonds BBB members.

I called them back after they hung up on us, spoke to Ron, a supervisor in customer service. He agreed to put us on their do not call list, but refused to comply with the request to have the do not call policy sent to us, even after I explained the legal obligation. He did ultimately give me the main number for US Creditcom.

I called the main number, asking for outbound telemarketing. Instead, I was given Bob Morse/Morris in administration. He was unfamiliar with do not call procedures, but after an extended conversation, he took my name, address, and phone number along with my request to have the do not call policy sent to me. We'll see what happens.

****My name is Don Agel, and I was screwed by uscreditCON as well. They called and promised and unsecured credit card withen 30 days or my $149 would be refunded. I recieved no such card! And after countless calls back, and 4 months later, the refund still has yet to come. Even though they said a full refund they claimed, once requested, that only a $124 refund could be made if any. Still waiting. NC state attorney general's office says they have numerous complaints of fraud against this company in it's multiple different alias names. Fronts I call them. I was even forced to place fraud alerts on all of the credit agencies for fear of further bent-over slammings. Please if any one else has had this such thing happen to them as well, contact me via e-mail at user rightcall at domain and lets start the class action suit needed to bring these scumbags down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just today I received a check for a full refund. Most likely it was due to this posting, however it took some doing. If you receive nothing from them that pans out withen 30 days you have to send them a letter of cancellation requesting a full refund. Your reasoning for this as well as some financial something or other packet {to which I never received} must be enclosed in this letter. Address it to customer relations at: 3844 Meadows Ln. Las Vegas Nevada 89107 Good luck and don't be afraid to call the right agencies and file complaints if there is no refund issued since that is part of their original solicitation call. THIS WAS STATED IN MY LETTER AS WELL AS THE FACT OF MY FATHER BEING A JUDGE!!! The biggest thing to do at this point is to not give up and even file complaints with your state's attorney generals office as well as with nevada's! Just make sure to send it via certified mail so they can't deny you sent it! Please still send me notice as to the fact that they solilited you, 'cause i'm keeping a list of everyone's name and e-mail so if a lawsuit is filled a mass notice of such can be sent out. Try and be more careful! (What really puzzles me is how they knew my name and phone # when our phone is in my wife's maiden name. Somehow that should be criminal as well!) 10-2002

I too have had major problems with US CreditCom. The same problems listed above with them calling me and telling me if I give them a check by phone for $149.00 that within 2 weeks I would get an unsecured credit card and some paperwork to fill out. I also got a number for their customer service, the number was bogus. I got online and typed uscreditcom into the address bar and hit enter. This brought me to this page. I read the first message (back in June) got the correct phone number and still haven't gotten anywhere. I then proceeded to contact the BBB of Las Vegas via complaint online. I then got a letter from the BBB. A man by the name of Jeff Wagner. Is working on my complaint. He sent me a copy of a letter from USCREDITCOM CEO Ray Smith. Stating at that time the matter of my complaint had been resolved because I had received my money back from them I called Mr. Wagner and had a long talk with him on this matter. He asked me to send him all paperwork reguarding what they had actually sent me. I have done this. If anybody would like to get ahold of MR. Jeff Wagner about this company the e-mail address is user info at domain /The web address for BBB of Las Vegas is If you would like the phone number for the CEO it is 702-320-3777 Thank you putting this page together for all of us.

Word to the unwise- U S CreditCom 3844 Meadows Ln. #A Las Vegas, NV 89107

Telephone: 877-873-7334 Original Business Start Date: 12/3/98 Local Business Start Date: 12/3/98 Owner: Ray Smith Complaint Contact: Owner/Manager Business Classification: Credit Card & Other Credit Plans

The Bureau opened its file on this company on February 17, 1999. According to information provided by the company, it was established on December 3, 1998. According to information in Bureau files, this company is in the business of Credit Card & Other Credit Plans. Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to two or more unresolved complaints. On September 13, 2000, the company's membership in the Better Business Bureau was suspended pending action by the Board of Directors for " failure to eliminate the source(s) of customer dissatisfaction, in a timely and businesslike manner."

On October 25, 2000, the company's membership in the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada, Inc., was revoked by action of the BBB Board of Directors. According to information received by Bureau from Nevada State Dept. of Business and Industry, Financial Institutions Division, on October 2, 2000, the company was issued a "Cease and Desist" for unlicensed Nevada installment loan company activities. Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 675, Installment Loan provision, prohibits the company from engaging in the installment loan business, in this state, without first obtaining from the commissioner of financial institutions, a license to do so. This company is in an industry which may require licensing, bonding, or registration in order to operate. We encourage you to check the appropriate agencies to be certain any requirements are currently being met. As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service or company. BBB reports generally cover a three-year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment.

I wish I had known about this website and done a little more research on this company because I just got ripped off. I got the same phone call and the same thing happened to me except they took 159.00 from my account and I can never get in contact with them. It has only been a few day and I recieved this bogus letter but something wasn't sitting well with me so I decided to call and no answer. Anyway, I got smart and started calling numbers that were similar to the one that they leave on the answering machine for you to call back. Since no-one answered the 1-888-745-3115 number I tried all the numbers with the last digit from 1-9 and the number that gives you an oppertunity to get someones name or extension. The number is 1-888-745-3118. I had tried everything to get someone but nothing worked. So I tried the number again and during the recording that comes on I was pressing numbers and when I pressed 225 I got a line and at the end there was a voice mail. The lady on the voicemail was Lisa Billman or Bellman. I know her first name is Lisa but I have no idea what her last name is, she says it so fast. All I wanted was to get a credit card. I am a student and I have a job. I work hard for what money I do have and don't intend on wasting it. If someone can help me please e-mail me at user passionttn at domain

I am appalled and bewildered for the same reason that all of the victims above are. I live in Michigan. I have noticed that primarily they have been doing illegal "business" in Nevada. Unfortunately, I too was swindled. They called my home and promised me an unsecured credit card as well. The only difference is that I paid $179.00. I did get a packet in the mail with some utterly useless coupons. Meanwhile, I waited and waited for my credit card. Since the packet arrived I have tried to call two incessantly busy phone numbers(the same numbers listed above). I was initially called by them in August of is now Dec. 29th, 2002 and I have yet to receive any sign of hope. Needless to say a credit card. I am at a loss as to what I should or even could do. It seems that because they were band from doing "business" in Nevada that they are using the same scheme in other states until they are nationally stopped! Please contact me with any advice and or news. I pray that together we can bring them down once and for all. user crescentltownes at domain
I know exactly what you mean. I was taken for a ride of $159.00 and the thing is I had recently applied for a credit cardso when he said they were responding to my inquiry I thought nothing of it so I paid the money and waited. About a week later I recieved a letter that I had to return. At this point I'm thinking this is odd for applying for a credit card but each company has its rules, so I fill out this sheet of basic information. I called two weeks later to see if they received this information and they confirmed that they did and then the response that floored me was "The network of 16 banks that that we work with will be contacting you for your card." I said wait a minute did I just pay did I jusy pay you so you can sell my name to solicitors so I can get a card????!!!!!! I was outraged and told him I want my money back!!!!!! They informed me that I had the option to cancel at any time for a refund less the $25.00 handling fee. He had the gall to tell me that I had to write a letter requesting my refund. I wrote the letter...That was eight weeks ago. The phone number that I had for them has not worked since. Subsequently I recieved my card from the real bank I'd originally applied for. I called then to make sure they were not affiliated with Creditcom and was immediatly asked did I give them money? When I said "Yes" the young lady replied "Your money may be good as gone." Whatever needs to be done, I will do art. $159.00 is not easy to come by. A class action suit is something that may get there attention and finally shut them down. I hate to say they are like a disease though all they'll need is a new name and they will be back in business. user cwhitely at domain
I have also been swindled by the so called US Credit co. I am currently communitcating with The BBB in Nevada and they are helping me with a complaint file and letter any other suggestions on what to do to get my 159.00 back please email me @ user susanjc2 at domain I liked the one suggestion to start a class action suit against them
Hi, I am Shelly I also was screwed by U.S. Creditcom. I Lost $179.00. I was sent only saving coupons and no credit card. I applied in August, 2002 and it is now Jan. 2003. I have tried the number and it is not in service. I need someones advice

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