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Proposal of Cash Payment Schedule
Record Clarification          Active _X_           Expired _____

Please sign your name and fill in the date you received this official notice.
X _________________________________________  Date  ____ / ____ / _____
Official Date of Release: Thursday August 16, 2001  Mo    Day    Year
Purchase will not improve individuals chance of winning with such entry.

Non-Transferable Correspondence
Intended only for: M Mantel
Cash Amount: $12,000.00
Payment Schedule: __X__ Bi-Monthly
_____ Quarterly
_____ Lump Sum
__X__ Company Check
_____ Wire Transfer
Approved By: DD

53380 ***** AUTO**3-DIGIT 940
M Mantel
4158 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto CA 94303-4719

From: World Wide Award Group
Division of Lone Star Promotions Inc.
Case File Identifier: WC0646389288
No Purchase Necessary To Enter Or Win


We apologize for having to contact you by mail with this wonderful news, but it was the only way we could officially notify you of the following: Our Cash Prize Office is prepared to formally announce that they have aproved the release of prize funds totaling $12,000 Cash, schedule to be paid in 6 bi-monthly installments of $2,000.00 each to M Mantel, if you right now have, and promptly return to our office the matching pre-selected winning case file identifier (see below for contingent schedule illustration and further details).

6 Bi monthly payments of $2,000.00 Each

1October 16, 2001 *$2,000.00 to M Mantel
2December 16, 2001$2,000.00 to M Mantel
3February 16, 2002$2,000.00 to M Mantel
4April 16, 2002$2,000.00 to M Mantel
5June 16, 2002$2,000.00 to M Mantel
6July 16, 2002$2,000.00 to M Mantel
* Payment dates are for illustration purposes. Actual payment dates may vary.Total:$12,000.00 to M Mantel

Fact: Each Certified Check will be issued from the prize fund account of the World Wide Award Group and will be delivered certified return receipt mail to ensure safe delivery. (Proper identification may be required upon delivery.) Please be sure to sign your name where indicated below.

Special Benefit: The Cash Prize Office of World Wide Award Group has authorized and approved for release in your name, a very special Benefit, fully appraised to save you over $2,500.00 on an incredible variety of name brand consumer products, and services designed to stretch your budget and improve your quality of life. (see WorldWideAwardGroupRules? [reverse]). This Special Benefit will be hand delivered direct to your home at 4158 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, pending acceptance. Be sure to include the necessary acquisition fee as requested (See below).
Failure of person possessing predesignated winning file identifier to respond in a timely manner, will result in said transaction being offered and accepted by an alternate individual.

Be sure to sign your name above and below where indicated. Purchase not required to enter or win. Complete and return this entire notification to World Wide Award Group as quickly as possible!

Case File Identifier WC0646389288-7NBWC
This notification is intended for M Mantel and as such is non-transferable. We request that you read, sign, and return this release form as quickly as possible. Be sure to sign where indicated and return this original notification in its entirety. photocopies will not be accepted.

I, M Mantel swear and say: my address is 4158 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303 and I am at least 18 years of age.
I am the person to whom this official notice is intended, and will provide identification to confirms such, if necessary.
I am submitting this form to your Cash Prize Office for the purpose of identifying myself as the $12,000 CASH winner, pending official match verification of my case file identifier as necessary.
I understand that failure to return this release form, will cause my guaranteed $12,000.00 CASH eligibility status to be revoked, and I will forfeit all rights to any and all Cash and or Benefits currently being held in my name.
I understand an acquisition fee of $9.99 is required to initiate processing and delivery of all Special Benefits heretofore described.

Date ____________________ Your Signature _____________________________________

For Super Rush Delivery include $3 extra ($12.99 total), and be sure to use the envelope we've provided for your convenience. Make all checks payable to: World Wide Award Group.

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